Fun Stuff Throwback

Cover of Fun Stuff Activity Book

We’ve been remodeling and sorting and purging lately. Instead of just throwing out this self-published booklet from my relatives, my husband suggested I upload it to the internet so it could live forever. Download “Fun Stuff” PDF

God’s Reassurances

I’m writing this as we’re watching Dorian slowly make his way towards Florida. We were on vacation earlier this week and were blindsided by the possibility of a hurricane. I woke up anxious (again) this morning about the entire situation. I’ve made myself several lists to force my productivity (not just for hurricane prep, but […]

Finding God’s Helpers in the Midsts of the Storm

People Helping Remove a Tree

Last week, Hurricane Irma hit the Jacksonville region, and boy, was she a doozy! According to the maps, Irma was only a Category 1 by the time she got to Tampa and had reduced to a Tropical Storm by the time she made it to Gainesville. We’re on the other side of the state, but […]

Be Strong, Mama

Woman with boxing glove

Mothers have babies. Babies cry. Sometimes in public. Don’t let bullies shame and embarrass you into staying home.

On Discipline

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As a parent, I wish I could just have someone give me a set of very specific rules on discipline that works every time with every child for every circumstance. But no, they have to go and be their own individual, unique little flowers, even when it comes to acting up. They’re a little older […]

Mexican Cooking


A few years ago I had the chance to take a trip to Cabo San Lucas. I immediately took the opportunity to schedule a cooking class about Mexican cuisine. Along with my husband and a small group of friends we visited Donna Somerlott at her home and school, Casa de Colores. It was an amazing […]

Fad Diet? Really???!?!?!

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Yes, it’s true. I went on a fad diet this summer. And now I’m even going to tell you how good it was. For many years  I have heard people advocating a no-carb and low-carb diets. There are a variety of these diets, including Atkins and Paleo. I’m not really fond of extreme diets that severely limit the intake […]