They have arrived! – My custom made “Book of Centuries”

Book of Centuries

The copies of my Book of Centuries have arrived. How exciting to see my hard work in its final, physical form.

Book of Centuries

A Book of Centuries is a concept developed by the educator Charlotte Mason. It is a timeline of the world that fits into a book format. Every time you learn about an important person, event, invention, etc. in history it gets put into the Book of Centuries. This makes for a very easy way to see how what you’re learning in all school topics relate to one another. I was not happy with any of the available book designs, so I created my own.

Most spreads are a single century, but very early history is more:

Infinity -> 8001 BC
8000 -> 6001 BC
6000 -> 4001 BC
4000 -> 3001 BC
3000 -> 2501 BC
2500 -> 2001 BC
2000 -> 1901 BC
… from here on out, each spread is a single century.

In the middle we have:
100 BC -> 1 BC
1 AD -> 100 AD

The book ends at 2100 AD.

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