Easy Hair Clip Organizer – 5 Minute Solution

hair clip organizer

I had hair clips all over my bathroom counter. I needed a hair clip organizer and was delighted to come up with this simple solution.

Hair Clip Organizer DIY

All you need is an old tie and a binder clip. A clothespin and decorate scarf or fabric scrap would work, too. It even travels compactly and easily!

Hair Clip Organizer rolls up for easy travel

Directions for making an easy hair clip organizer

What you need:

  • Old necktie
    • or fashion scarf folded to the width of a necktie
    • or long scrap of fabric cut to width and length of a necktie
    • or wide ribbon cut to length of a necktie
  • Large binder clip
  • Note: If you don’t have a flat mirror (no trim) to clip your organizer to, you will also need a small piece of wood you can mount to your wall or door.

How to make it:

  1. Fold the skinny end of your necktie over the top of your mirror (or mounted piece of wood)
  2. Clip necktie onto mirror or piece of wood with binder clip
  3. Clip your hair clips to both sides of the necktie.

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