Take Control During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Taking control during the COVID-19 pandemic

#QuarantineLife during the COVID-19 Pandemic has been tough. It’s hard enough on us grown-ups, but it’s even harder for the kids. They’re accustomed to the grown-ups being able to control things and take care of them. Coronavirus is scary.

At the very beginning of the pandemic, I saw this cute little graphic about focusing on what we CAN control, instead of what we CAN’T control. I really wanted to share the content with my kids, but their worries are different than mine.

I took advantage of that down-time to create a version of the graphic for kids. I focused on the worries of children and the things they can control. But I didn’t just want a version to share on the internet, I wanted a version I could print off. To that end, I made both a sharable version and a printable version.

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