There’s a wrong way to wear a face mask during the pandemic. Don’t be that person. Help keep everyone safe from COVID-19.

Wear a face mask. This is the message from the CDC of how we all can help reduce the spread of COVID-19. It would appear that many people have heard the “wear a face mask” part loud and clear, but haven’t bothered to figure out the right way to wear a face mask (or maybe they don’t care).

Every time I see someone wearing a face mask over their mouth, but not their nose, the frustration bubbles up inside me. If I wasn’t so worried about catching what they’re failing to secure, I’d walk right up and snap it into the correct place. It’s especially infuriating to see public officials wearing them wrong.

After being frustrated since before it was declared a pandemic the United States, I finally decided this really needed a Batman Meme to go with it.

Batman slaps Robin for failing to wear a face mask correctly.

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