Sober ≠ Austere: Download 2020 Presidential Debates Bingo Cards!

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Update: Scroll to the bottom to make your own digital cards.

For over a decade, watching a presidential debate has felt like torture. I want to blame the tone of national politics, but since there’s nothing new under the sun, it could just me becoming cynical in my old age.

Unfortunately, this year I have a kid taking government class, which means I won’t be able to avoid the 2020 presidential debates. It’s enough to drive this non-drinker under a table with a bottle.

Since drinking games are out of the question (for multiple reasons), bingo seemed like a good alternative! After spending quite a bit of time searching the internet, I wasn’t happy with what was out there. The 2020 presidential debates bingo cards available all seemed too generic, for such a “unique” era. There were a few bingo cards based on drinking games, but those were either not family friendly, or a little too inside-baseball.

So, as I have been known to do, I made my own. A friend sent me to and I was able to design my own 2020 presidential debate bingo card stack. Since they were created for family use, they all have the exact same spaces, just arranged differently per card.

2020 Presidential Debates Sample Bingo Card
Click on the sample card to download a stack.

Download 30 of the 2020 Presidential Debates Bingo Cards now.

If you and your friends/family would prefer to have digital bingo cards, you can use this Google Doc to make your own.

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