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These 2020 VP Debate Bingo Cards will help you focus as you watch what is probably the most important debate of the 2020 election season.

Last week I created bingo cards for the first 2020 Presidential Debate and they were a smash!

LOL. We’re having a party over here. Bingo and coke floats and what not. Have to do something to survive.

– My friend

I think this is the very first time that I’ve ever looked forward to a debate 😂

– My other friend

Seriously that was fun! Both kids were engaged with it.

– Another friend

In fact, everyone had so much fun I was begged to make a 2020 VP Debate Bingo Card.

Stephanie, please do another bingo card for the vp debate. Name your price.

– A friend

After the first debate, I did want to list some ground rules for future rounds for those of you that had questions.

  • The phrase/term must be said by a candidate, not the moderator, even if it doesn’t specify which candidate
  • If the words are in quotation marks, the phrase/term must be exact
  • Any phrase/term not in quotation marks is topical and does not need to be exact.

Once again, I used to make the 2020 VP Debate Bingo Cards.

2020 VP Debate Bingo
Click on the sample card to download a stack.

Download 30 of the 2020 VP Debates Bingo Cards now.

If you and your friends/family would prefer to have digital bingo cards, please go to the first 2020 Presidential Bingo Cards post for more details.