You’ll love 2020 VP Debate Bingo, if you liked 2020 Presidential Debate Bingo

Two foxes fighting

These 2020 VP Debate Bingo Cards will help you focus as you watch what is probably the most important debate of the 2020 election season.

Last week I created bingo cards for the first 2020 Presidential Debate and they were a smash!

LOL. We’re having a party over here. Bingo and coke floats and what not. Have to do something to survive.

– My friend

I think this is the very first time that I’ve ever looked forward to a debate 😂

– My other friend

Seriously that was fun! Both kids were engaged with it.

– Another friend

In fact, everyone had so much fun I was begged to make a 2020 VP Debate Bingo Card.

Stephanie, please do another bingo card for the vp debate. Name your price.

– A friend

After the first debate, I did want to list some ground rules for future rounds for those of you that had questions.

  • The phrase/term must be said by a candidate, not the moderator, even if it doesn’t specify which candidate
  • If the words are in quotation marks, the phrase/term must be exact
  • Any phrase/term not in quotation marks is topical and does not need to be exact.

Once again, I used to make the 2020 VP Debate Bingo Cards.

2020 VP Debate Bingo
Click on the sample card to download a stack.

Download 30 of the 2020 VP Debates Bingo Cards now.

If you and your friends/family would prefer to have digital bingo cards, please go to the first 2020 Presidential Bingo Cards post for more details.

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