Teaching Kids How To Write Checks

Photo of wallet with credit cards

It’s 2021, why would I be teaching kids how to write checks?

You’re right. It IS 2021 and my kids have debit cards. Instead of keeping around a bunch of cash to pay them allowance, and them stashing it all away in a piggy bank, we’ve gone virtual.

Most of my own spending and banking is virtual, so we thought it was important to teach them modern financial literacy.

But I came across a problem. My children are little entrepreneurs and they often buy and sell to each other. It’s just a few dollars here and there, but it gets complicated when there’s no actual cash.

That’s what gave me the idea to create “family bank” checks so they could write checks to one another. Sure, the world is going digital, but I still have to write checks on a regular basis, so it’s a good skill for them to have.

Sample image of "Family Bank" check
Teaching kids how to write checks with our “family bank” checks.

That’s why I’m teaching kids how to write checks. It creates a paper trail that makes it easy for me to transfer funds. One kid writes a check to another kid, the second kid then has to turn it in to me and I will transfer the funds between their accounts.

Are you interested in having your own kids write checks to each other?

Download your own free sheet of “Family Bank” checks.

Where do we bank?

The kids each have a MONEY teen checking account with Capitol One. As a parent, you might like the Savor One Credit Card.← affiliate link

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