Grand European Tour: An Introduction

God is so incredibly good! This year, Jonathan and I were able to take our kids on a 17 day trip throughout Europe. Back in May of 2020, I was supposed to spend a couple of days in Paris on my own and then meet up with Jonathan in Rome, after he finished a business retreat. We all know how 2020 turned out. (Unless you’re reading this in 60 years, and then I’ll remind you that the COVID Pandemic shut down the entire world in February 2020, and everyone’s travel plans were canceled.)

At the time, it was very disappointing, but now that we were able to take the kids with us, I wouldn’t want to change what happened. My planning was greatly assisted by working with Phyllis Evenson, owner and agent for Travel Experience.

We started our trip by flying into Rome. We then took a short flight to London, a EuroStar train to Paris, and finally rode Deutsche Bahn trains to Munich, where we rented a car and drove to Liechtenstein for a day, and took a day trip by train to Salzburg.

In every city, we had just enough time to see some major sites, learn what exciting things we were missing out on, and start to understand the rhythm of the city, before moving on to the next. I was constantly playing catch-up on language. In London, I wanted to thank everyone with a, “Grazie!” In France, I used Google Translate a lot to remind me how to communicate, (Four years of French doesn’t do one much good when it’s been 25 years since you’ve used it.) although I just stared blankly when someone replied in French. By the time I got to Munich, my French was starting to come back, and I couldn’t even remember the basics for German, so I got by with “Danke,” (German for “Thank you.”) and pretending to be French in the crowds (“Pardon! Pardon! Merci!”).

We enjoyed lots of delicious food and experienced a variety of touring styles. We learned a lot about the cities, as well as our touring preferences. We also learned things about each other, which is prone to happen when you are your only company for 17 days.

I plan to write a post for each individual city, but for now, I will leave you with selection of photos that evoke my perception of each location. Jonathan also posted on his blog about our trip.




Bavaria / Liechtenstein / Salzburg

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