About Stephanie

Silly Family Photo
Photo by Dana Heisler

I don't know if laughter is really the best medicine, but it sure makes my days better. I grew up in a family full of laughter and jokes and ridiculousness. In fact, for a while my mother was a part-time clown and I was her clown sidekick. And my dad, to co-opt Steve Martin's line, was a, "Wild and crazy guy!" Unsurprisingly, I ended up with a man that makes me laugh every day.

I have always been a pants girl. Sure, skirts are fun and swishy when you twirl and dance but they are very impractical. Given a choice, 90% of the time I will put on pants. When our children were little, my husband taught them to say, "Yay, pants!" Since one of our overarching goals is to civilize them, requiring pants seemed like a no-brainer.

I also have a life-long passion for art and a BFA in Graphic Design. I'm graphic designer with a focus on logo design and branding. I've been involved with the Florida WordPress community since 2014 and got my start speaking at WordCamp Miami. Since then I have been honored to share my knowledge at WordCamps Tampa, Orlando, and US, and am a founding organizer of WordCamp Jacksonville.

During the COVID-19 Pandemic, I was tired of waiting for someone else to make sense of all the Executive Orders coming from the Florida Governor's Office, so I created a website organizing all the regulations by category in easy-to-read language.