How We Do Homeschool – A “How to Homeschool” guide

our kids doing homeschool

As we prepare for Son to enter first grade, many people have asked me for details about our homeschooling techniques, philosophy, curriculum, etc. Lucky for me, my husband wrote a “How to Homeschool” guide before I got around to it. He has, oh so kindly, giving me permission to repost the entire article on my…

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Related: Living In Community

Woman backlit against sunset

Just a couple days ago I wrote a post about living in community. Last night, I came across an article from Maclean’s called The End of Neighbours that talks about the same issue from a sociological stand-point. The point is to talk about how we are becoming less tolerant of differing opinions, but it is very…

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Living in Community

little kids eating at a table and living in community

In centuries past, your community was the people you lived on the same street with, went to church with, walked to school with, shopped at the market with. For country folks, their community was the nearby town. For city folks, it was the few blocks immediately around their flat. As more people moved to the…

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Perfect Hard Boiled Eggs

perfect hard boiled eggs

Many people think perfect hard boiled eggs are difficult to make, but they are actually quite simple. Take up to twelve eggs directly from the refrigerator and set them gently into a medium sauce pan. Cover with cold water. Place on burner and set to medium-high heat. (On a scale from 1-10 I set my…

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